KTM Revelator 4000 Model

You could look at the KTM Revelator 4000 model which is the latest release of KTM.

If you are wondering how it fares, here is a summary of its key features and what you can expect from this bike. It scores high on design as its frame is sturdy and of quality specifications. The limitations might be the heaviest of the bike overall, the brake and wheel performance that might be found to be sluggish. KTM Bike Industries has been releasing several models that have been well received and the Revelator range is definitely one to be reckoned with.

What stands out with most KTM bikes are the carbon frames that they come with as well as a hierarchical positioning for every bike. The 4000 can be found to be in the middle of the performance carbon framed models. The frame has both comfort and performance features to offer.

The bottom bracket is oversized, has chain stays of large diameters and a short wheelbase. The seat stays are compliant and curved with a slack head angle and a tall head tube. The seat tube being extended gives a nice touch to the design of the bike. The parts of the bike are of quality make, making it a bike that you can have for the long haul. The gear changes are smooth and precise. It can be used in sportive as well as in endurance rides. Indeed, it is a model that works well for uphill climbs and downhill rides. The stoppers are reliable and wheels are dependable along with a choice of different tires as per your ride requirement. The saddle is a comfortable style and design that works good for day rides that can be long ones. The ride on the bike can be a comfortable one as per most expert suggestions.


One of the bikes relaunched by Scott last year, the Addict CX10 was built to be a super-light cyclocross racer. The complete bike weighs about 7.73kg in size 54.

The CX10 has been fitted with an all carbon components list. It is a top spec Addict with a matching price tag.

The frameset of the Addict CX has been designed to allow for plenty of clearance at the fore and at the rear. This also includes behind the bottom edges.

At the top tube as well as in front of the head tube, the frame has been designed with flattened sections so as to allow for comfortable carriage.

All cables affixed to the Addict CX10 have been routed internally, with a port for a dropper post made available. In order to reduce the risk of chain drop, a chain guard was attached to the front of the mech hanger.

When used in racing, it is easy to handle and quite spot on for racing. It also possesses a fast, direct feel with its light weight that becomes much more pronounced when used during steeper climbs or shouldering over obstacles.

Acceleration and effective carrying is spot on in this device with assured shifting and stopping provided by the SRAM Force 1 mechanicals.

The carbon wheels the Addict CX10 sports as well as its overall low weight helps it spin up fast and way much easier to manoeuvre around obstacles.

A first look at this bike gives you the feel of something quite fragile. However, this is not so as it’s not as fragile as it appears.

However, with the light weight and high specs, comes a matching price tag of about £5000 which is not very cheap. Thus, you may have to think twice before purchasing one.


The newly introduced snabb 29er is a total beauty to behold.

The first ever produced by the polish brand comes with intention to perform. The most defining feature of the 29er is the rowdy and big wheeled nature of its appearance that goes to show the true purpose of the cycle; to impress and intimidate.

The producers of the NS bikes have just recently announced the launch of the snabb plus, which is the first 29er bike made by the polish manufacturer. The bike is best described as “a big wheeled beast that is quick as lightening but also pure fun to ride,” from its exterior and mechanical designs, it is quite apparent that the manufacturers had used the preexisting models as a template for its production.

The snabb plus comes pre installed with 29 inch wheels, but in an effort to further improve the bike’s standing, it is able to accommodate 27.5×3.0 tires as the prefix attached to the name suggests. The NS Company has always been recognized as a brand that produces strong and reliable bikes and all of these bikes have appealed to the aggressive rider, the tough and unyielding nature of the frame provides it with the resilience required to thread even the most difficult terrains.

The high end max bearings that the bike sports greatly reduce the service intervals. If everything else on the bike is to be ignored, the beautiful finish and the iridescent stem that the 29er is supplied with will definitely be the first thing to catch one’s attention.

As from the early part of January 2017, the 29er will be made available in two different builds and are both expected to be in stock in the UK. The new bike has also shown excellent geometry, which is quite typical of most NS bikes and that contributes to its long and sleek appearance. With the new 29er, there is no doubt hat loads of riders can’t wait to get their hands on it.

Bridge the Gap flourishes to include two-hundred young cyclists

Bridge the Gap that helps young athletes to progress within cycling by offering access to advice, coaching as well as equipment has elaborated to include around two-hundred young cyclist.

The aim of the event is to have one-thousand Canadian youth cyclists from nine to seventeen years old actively engaged and licensed in cycling by the year 2020.

Andrew Pinfold, the director of BTG managing, said that their target is to get kids on bikes, make cycling fun and inspire kids to be great. This would serve to create a sustainable wave of young riders moving up through the competitive cycling ranks and help them find their future champions younger, more consistently and more reliably.

In the year 2015, the BTG started their Youth Club Seeding Program along with Tripleshot Cycling Club, based in Victoria. The club was able to originate some of the best under-17 riders in Canada and see a thirty percent growth in young riders entering their ranks.

Lister Farrar, the Tripleshot head coach, told that the BTG grant served them to secure a committed 2nd coach Therefore, they could have at least 2 and often 3 ability groups at each ride, and so younger as well as older riders could ride in groups that suited those best. He further added that this translated into growth in new riders because they could accommodate them better and into higher performance for their best riders because they are more closely matched with their training partners in experience, pace and goals.

Dani King Bounces Back

Dani King is back to the cycling track with full glory, winning at Port Talbot time trial. This is her first win this season and also after her critical lung injury.

Added to the Port Talbot triumph, King has also been engaged lately in a Belgian training camp and is confident to regain her previous glorious status soon.

“I am actually ion a good shape now, physically & it’s great to be here with team”, stated King in one of the recent interviews while asked about her health post the severe injury that punctured her lungs badly.

The braveheart met with a near-fatal accident 4 months back and it seemed too many that it’s over for this talented Olympian. Added to the punctured lung, King suffered multiple broken ribs in the accident where her bike dangerously bumped on a pothole. The Olympian admitted later that she feared that she won’t be able to ride again.

“I was right back on the bike in hospital just 2 days post the crash”, remarked King. “It was because the very area around the collapsed lung demanded some physical exercises to bypass chances of chest infection. However, it took me another ten weeks to get back into training. My ribs do pain at times yet it’s mostly a mental fight for me at present.”

The British riding star was quite determined to get back to training as fast as possible & did that with great support from friends, family & her boyfriend Matt- brother of Sky cyclist Luke Rowe.
“The greatest thing for me was to face the fear”, she continued.

“But in case you do not get out, it would only build-up & you will end up in an even worse situation”, added in the Olympian who is now confident to race down the track.

Juan Francisco Guillermo Ends His Life On Thai highway

In North-east Thailand, a truck hit a man and killed him. The man was later recognized to be Juan Francisco Guillermo the cyclist who was aiming at making 250000km on cycle in 5 years.

Unfortunately, the Chilean cyclist lost his dream at this accident and his attempt to make the world record could not be completed. The accident happened on Sunday according to the Thailand police.

It was a pickup truck that hit the 47 year old Juan Francisco Guillermo and he was dead immediately. This accident happened on a highway in the province of Nakhon Ratchasima. The social media and the police have accounted to the fact that Juan was hopeful of setting a new Guinness World record for cycling 250,000km all over 5 continents in just 5 years. He had started with his journey in 2010 November and this November, his journey and world record would have completed.

He was accompanied by his wife and two year old son who were travelling right behind him and the accident caused them a slight sprain. This was reported by Col. Torsak Thammingmongkol. However, it could not be known that from what time the family has been accompanying Juan on his world round tour.

The person who was driving the pickup truck has been arrested and the offence of causing death due to dangerous driving was put of him. He was later released on bail but the offence is such that the person could get 10 years of prison time. The officer present also said that it was due to the recklessness of the driver that he lost his life as Juan was riding straight in his own cycling lane.

The same thing happened in east Thailand before too in 2013 when a couple were killed whop were on a same round world quest. These deaths could work against the Thailand government who is trying to promote cycling as a sport.

British Cycling Head Doubtful About Wiggins’ Chances In Rio 2016

British Cycling head Shaun Sutton is doubtful about Sir Bradley’s chances in Rio Olympics 2016.

Wiggins is the sole cyclist ever to triumph at Tour France & Olympic in same year. The 2012 hero was earlier assumed to secure a guaranteed spot at GB cycling squad marching to Rio in couple of years but now his position at the event is under serious questions.

Shane has been very frank in admitting that he would be judging the Brit legend’s stance at the upcoming Olympics solely on the basis of statistics & not romance.

“My task here is getting medals & not friends”, remarked the straightforward British Cycling head. “The bar has to be pushed up. Whether Wiggins can raise it or not- that’s the challenge and only he would be able to answer this question.”

“Brad would know that I am sitting here staring at his statistics & contemplating: ‘Right Brad, it’s getting to be some huge ask to make the team for you.’ Look he has got 55 (3 minutes 55 seconds) posted on his name right from Beijing semis. Yeah, we did 53 in finale but we were behind Danes for last 4 laps. We were 51 in 2012 in London. For Rio, we have to be even quicker.”

In spite of his warning, the Brit Cycling boss stressed on the advantages of having a seasoned & successful veteran riding champ such as Sir Bradley in the team.

“Listen, it’s simply great that he (Wiggins) is back”, continued Sutton. “Just his very presence has worked to boost up the whole squad. One great point about him is that when Brad sticks on to something- such as setting up own team, having a perfect fairy-tale ending- it’s real tough to take him away from his set goal.”

Contador All Set For 2015 With Victorious Kilimanjaro Ascent

Reigning Vuelta Espana 2014 rider Contador embarked on a very “challenging” 2015 riding season by ascending the 5895 m high Kilimanjaro tip last Wednesday with his teammates in Tinkoff-Saxo.

“It was quite a great experience which dawned the herald of my 2015 riding season, possibly the challenging most of my riding career with Giro Italia & Tour France double objective”, stated the famous Spanish rider. “Now, I would have to focus strongly on riding.”

The defending Vuelta Espana champion attended a pre-season training camp at Tanzania with the Balkan WorldTour squad, that included as many as 72 staffs & riders. Over 6 days, they went on through the Machame Route located at the southern face of Kilimanjaro at 10,065 ft or 5895m.

After ascending from the lavish rain wilds to Shira Plateau (3810), the weather became really rough. The squad reported the worst scenario ever seen in Tanzania in the last decade & the 4 members were forced to halt.

“The weather definitely did not help us”, shared Contador. “For the initial 3 days, it was raining immensely & we did not even get sufficient time to properly dry up our wet equipments such as sleeping bags and tents and the wet clothes.”

“Definitely, the actual test was final ascend to the tip on the final day. Our team went from last camp that was situated at 4600 m to highest peak of Kilimanjaro”, he continued. “That very day we got up at around 11:30 p.m. & aimed to reach up to the tip by sunrise- it was not possible to sleep. Before we got to the top, the weather was too windy and too harsh to climb up safely. But fortunately, the wind slowed down gradually & we wanted to make an attempt.”

Thor Hushovd Releases Shocking News

Thor Hushovd has been a star of Norway. He has recently retired from the world championships. He has been accused and criticized for keeping a secret about his former rival and mate Lance Armstrong. It has come out that Thor had known about Lance Armstrong being involved with doping. It has been highlighted that the Lance had admitted to Thor about his doping after the latter himself had been open about it. It was back in 2011 after Thor had talked about his own doping history publicly at a talk show to Oprah Winfrey.
Since the news has come out that Thor was aware about the doping of the fellow mate lance many have been very disappointed with him. The head of the anti-doping organization of Norway has also told that he should have come to them and tried to contact them. He also revealed his disappointment with Thor. Thor has written an autobiography recently where he leaked out the news that had been a secret all this while. He has described in the book how back in 2011 when Lance and he had met and talked about it. He has written about their conversation where Lance has told Thor that everyone doped and there was no reason for him to be shocked. However, he admits to have not told anything at that point of time even though he himself did not do it and thought of it to be wrong. He has also revealed in his book about the reaction he received from Lance after he went public about Lance’s doping on the TV show.
He said that he received furious text messages from Lance saying how stupid he was to think that he was the only one doping and cheating. There are rumors that Thor might have had some personal reasons for having kept the doping a secret for this long and for not having talked about it. However it is good news now that he has finally accepted and revealed things that he had known all this while.

The new law gives Cyclists 3 Foot Of Safety

From this Tuesday the law of California has ruled that the drivers will have to give enough space to the cyclist that is about 36”. The officials of law enforcement in Sacramento are hoping that they will not have to issue tickets like before now that the law has passed. The local patrol of California highway and the police of Sacramento have commented that they will see one case at a time if the driver is seen not providing enough space to a cyclist.

The spokesperson of CHP in north Sacramento said that if they notice a deriver not abiding the laws even though he could have given the cyclist a space of about 3 feet, he is definitely going to get a ticket. He is hopeful that all the drivers will co-operate with them and the law so that they do not have to take any steps. The minimum fine for not abiding this new law is $35 but the cost of court and other additional fees make that fine go up to $238. If the cyclist is injured in the process the fine can go as high as $982.

Although this process will make the driving safety more important, we cannot expect it to be the same for all as some drivers give space to the cyclists already out of respect but some others are there who don’t. The critics are complaining that the new law will is going to place the drivers at a bad position because it is not always possible for them to decide whether there is enough space to provide the 3 foot gap to the cyclists. To this, the CHP said that the officers on patrol will excuse the drivers who are seen driving safely and with courtesy during the hours when the traffic is tight.