Lance Armstrong Escaped Hotel Raid

Disgraced former Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong, who was recently stripped of all his titles and awards as well as banned for life for being a dope cheat by the US Anti Doping Agency escaped a hotel raid by the police in France by the skin of his teeth, just because he was, at that time, being ‘protected in the country’, according to a French lawyer. The cycling legend has recently been handed the sanction by the US Anti Doping Agency after he refused to exercise his right for arbitration at a neutral and independent hearing.

According to the lawyer, Thibault de Montbrial, the incident occurred during the 2005 edition of the Tour de France. He claimed that during just the second rest day of the 2005 edition of the Grand Tour, a hotel in Pau which was being occupied by Lance Armstrong and his teammate was set to be raided by high ranking officials of the French Police, who were on the lookout for doping substance and the elaborate methods of doping. However, the plan to raid the hotel was dropped at the very last minute.

These claims by the lawyer comes merely a couple of days after a famous newspaper in France claimed that Armstrong had enjoyed an almost immune status in France and was often warned about doping controls. De Montbrial even claimed that the investigators were almost at the doorstep of the hotel when the higher authorities called off the raid, therefore, saving Armstrong and his team.

Although the lawyer claims not to know where the orders to abort the operation came from, he admitted that on the back of this evidence, it can be clearly stated that Lance Armstrong enjoyed massive protection in France. Now, with him being banned, the ghosts of the past are all coming back.


Lance Edward Armstrong is a former American professional road racing cyclist who holds a record of winning Tour de France seven consecutive times. He is not only one of the most celebrated athletes in the world but also a survivor.

He was diagnosed with cancer at a very early stage of his career that affected his lungs, abdomen and brain. He was a fighter and an inspiration to millions of people around the world. He opened Lance Armstrong Foundation so as to educate people about early stage of cancer detection and ways to cure the disease.

Armstrong started his professional career in 1992 and went on to win various championships. He had been marked for greatness from an early age, with his first coach sticking a bet at Bet Victor that he would win the Tour de France some day before he way 30.

Sadly he was diagnosed with cancer in 1996. It was a life threatening cancer as there was very less chance of survival. He was a fighter, who not only survived cancer but also was keen to make a comeback in cycling. He started training for racing by January 1998 after which what we witnessed was a history.

He won his first Tour de France in 1999, which rather stunned the world. He only used to take part in Tour de France events every year due to his health issues and went on to win every Tour de France over the next 6 years. Armstrong always had a healthy lead over his competitors during the competition.

Lance Armstrong decided to quit after winning the 2005 Tour de France but announced his comeback in 2008 to participate in 2009 Tour de France. He was also alleged for doping and the doping issue has not been resolved yet as Armstrong still denies of using performance enhancement drugs to win races. Armstrong finally called it a quit on February 16, 2011 thought the latest online betting with suggests that there is still a chance he will make another comeback!

Armstrong has received numerous awards for his outstanding achievements but he mostly cherishes the moment of battling the cancer, which he says to be most difficult accomplishment as compared to winning the Tour de France. He is a fighter, a survivor and one of the most influential athletes in the world.