1. Book shop brings Armstrong ‘to the floor’

A bicycle shop is bringing Lance Armstrong “to the ground” literally with the help of varnish, glue and paper torn out of hundreds of Lance Armstrong’s books.

In the month of January, in an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Lance Armstrong confessed to using drugs to enhance his performance during his cycling career. Post Armstrong’s confession the cycling world was turned upside down and the seven time Tour de France champion was stripped of all the titles. Fans were shocked, outraged and hurt and Lance Armstrong’s autobiographical books were being used by the fans to manifest their anger. Thousands of fans across the globe demanded their money back.

Andrew Straw is the manager of a charity book shop in Newcastle and after witnessing a sudden influx of Lance Armstrong’s books, an idea struck him. He appealed on Twitter and Facebook and asked people to bring in unwanted copies of the books to his shop. According to Straw, only within a few days, his shop was flooded by books of Lance Armstrong. In fact, people actually spent money to send the books to Straw’s shop as they did not want it anymore.

Once the books came in, Straw ripped out pages of the books and glued them to the floor of his shop, making a point that while Armstrong once had the ‘world at his feet’ was now ‘at the feet with world at the top of him’.

Straw plans to very soon glue the other pages on the floor as well and visitors who come to his shop can write their comments on the pages.

Speaking to the media, the Newcastle book shop manager said, “Some people still support him for all the good things that he has done for cancer charities but some hate him for cheating the world for so long”.