Month: September 2013

Wiggins Joins helmet Campaign

Bradley Wiggins, a name and face of UCI ProTeam Team Sky. This British rider has gained the level of elite class in the field of cycling by performing remarkable in the two professional forms of cycling. He started practicing with track cycling and now he is the winner of six gold medals. Recently we have seen him backing a father who was making request to the people for wearing helmets while riding. This ignorance has caused a serious injury to his son and he didn’t want to see this mistake being repeated by anyone else. In this accident his son is in coma.

Wiggins Wins The Final Stage

It seems that Sir Bradley Wiggins (Team Sky) has regained his form and reputation by winning the time trial (37km) in the final stage of the Tour of Poland with a record time of forty-six minutes and thirty-six seconds. He defeated Fabian Cancellara (Team RadiaShack-Leopard) who has been the time trial world champion four times, by around fifty-six seconds. This has made his victory in this time trial even more special and memorable.