Sir Wiggins Felt Disregarded

Sir Bradley Wiggins expressed deep insult over Chris Froome’s present leadership status in Team Sky. He has spoken about getting “sick & tired” over Sky leadership row with the reigning Tour France champion.

Wiggins was Froome’s predecessor in Tour France victory for the year 2012. He admitted if a disappointing 2013 season & felt that has suffered enough humiliation when Froome was selected to spearhead Sky for the hundredth edition of the most esteemed race in cycling. It was Sir Bradley’s illness & injury that compelled him to quit from Giro in May which further ruled him to refrain himself from defending his Tour France title this year.

Wiggins’ withdrawal from Tour France marked a dark patch for the leading Brit rider this year- ironically, it’s a sharp contrast to the very successful season he had last year. The 2012 Tour France champion feels that it’s the row with Chris that has further left a negative kick on his life.

“I just did not enjoy it at all”, stated Wiggins while speaking about his poor 2013 season. “There were different issues inside the team and I was completely getting sick & tired of the whole leadership affair with Froome. Frankly speaking, I had had enough & then when Chris was selected as the head for the France Tour, I was like : right, now somebody else would be leading the team. So, might be I felt undermined & it was like, okay now they are somebody else.”

However, post his health recovery, the 2012 Tour France winner showed up with a comparatively successful return. The leading Brit rider achieved a good victory at Tour Britain & also claimed the 2nd position at World UCI Championships this September.

His recent feats post recovery has already started speculations on whether Wiggins would be riding with Froome in the coming Tour France but the previous Sky leader has declined to make any clear statement on that.