Vinokourov Makes His Objectives Clear

The Astana Pro cycling team is ready for the season of 2014. They have officially presented their riders who will be representing them this season. There are two new faces for Astana Pro this season namely Michele Scarponi from Italy and the other one is Lieuwe Westra from Netherlands. Both of the news faces were present for the presentation which was done in Brescia, Italy.

With this addition to the team Astana Pro hopes that this season will be a successful one for them. Alexander Vnokourov, the general manager of the team has made his objectives very clear to all the team members. In the press conference that followed after the presentation he said that he was really happy with his team after the Giro d Italia victory in 2013 and was also pleased about the performances in Vuelta and the victories and good finishes by Vincenzo Nibali.

Alexander has been the general manager of this team for just one year. He started towards the beginning of 2013 and in his first year with these victories he said he was quite satisfied with that but now the whole team should be aiming higher. This year the team to beat would definitely be Team Sky and they would be hoping to win the title for Tour de France.

Tour de France is one of the most prestigious titles in the field of cycling and every team wants to win that title. It requires lot of hard work and patience for a team to win and under a new general manager the Astana Pro will be looking to make it their season by winning this title. However the manager has also said that focusing on the other titles is also very important for the team so that they can work harder each day.