Dark days ahead for Paul Nam

Paul Nam a hospital worker for United Lincolnshire Hospitals tried to bring a bad name to Sir Bradley Wiggins as he said that he has planned to shave a patient’s hair and use it to emulate the popular sideburns of Sir Bradley Wiggins. According to the reports Paul was boasting about this fact and had already named them as “vandals”.

The worker was so desperate that he even shared a photo where he mentioned “vandals”. As soon as he was convicted with this event he was suspended from his work. The man himself has also resigned from his work and later apologized for what he has done. When asked why he has done such a thing he said that he was ashamed of himself and understands that his pleas will not be granted after this.

He will be in the bad books as the Health and Care Professions Council will not reviewing his case again and has slammed a caution against him. For the next three years this caution will be applicable and the panel of HCPC has also said that his work was not meeting the standards. Being a hospital worker everyone is expected to meet a set of instructions but he was an exception and that is why they have also ceased his right to practice for any hospital.

Paul Nam was seen to post his plans on a social networking site before getting caught and following the post there came a series of tweets where he used pseudonyms. The culprit in his defense said that he was frustrated for a long time as he was not being able to communicate properly with the management regarding his concerns for the trust. He also added that the day he first did such a deed he was ashamed of himself but he thought that was the only way left to get the attention.