Month: July 2014

The Grandest Depart ever moves to London

The grand tour de France this year began in the city of Yorkshire. The tour saw its opening ceremony in the city centre arena of Leeds. In the grandest depart ever saw 10,000 people witness one of the grandest events that this sport has ever witnessed. The director in the opening ceremony said that up to five million people will be witnessing this grand tour. The first two stage of the race saw millions of people gather on the streets of Yorkshire. The race went through the city streets of Yorkshire and country side. The first stages of the Tour proved to be the grandest of the Departs that ever the cycling greats have witnessed. After watching the crowd in the second day the director of tour stated his happiness saying that it was simply unbelievable that this big a crowd came in to witness the sport.

Yorkshire Festival Honors Tour De France Through A Bicyclism Exhibition

Northern England seems like in the midst of a bicycling craze and has no plans of slowing down at all, at least not for the upcoming few weeks. In order to celebrate this year’s major cycling event Tour de France Grand Depart, Yorkshire has completely gone bicycle crazy. The Tour de France Grand Depart marks the beginning of the yearly 3 week long, multi stage race, starting on 5th of July in Leeds.