Board Gives Less Importance To The Cycling Incident of 29th July 2014

The Sunset Hills Aldermanic recently had its meeting on the 12th of August, 2014 and it was absolutely shocking that the president of the Sunset Hills Aldermanic- Scott Haggerty started the meeting by commenting on the cycling incident that took place on the 29th of July, 2014.
Mark Furrer (Sunset Hills Mayor) has been accused of colliding with and running over Randy Murdick (the cyclist who was passing by Old Gravois Road) using his Mercedes. Murdick claims that the mayor kept yelling at him. He has ruptured his Achilles tendon due to the incident and his bike has been severely damaged.
Michelle Funkenbusch (Mark Furrer’s lawyer) organized a protest against the 29th July incident in order to ensure that the people realize that injuring a fellow human being is not acceptable.
The eight members of the Sunset Hills Aldermanic were also present at this protest rally which was trying to demand for safer cycling conditions in the city and also supporting Murdick. Mayor Furrer did not make an appearance in the rally.
Funkenbusch said that the aldermen really want to create a bicycle-friendly environment in Sunset Hills because the aldermen readily listened to their problems and concerns. He is eagerly waiting to work with the Sunset Hills Aldermanic in order to create a friendlier cycling community in the city.
In the meeting (12th of August, 2014), the Aldermanic made it clear that it wants to maintain a distance from the 29th July cycling incident because the board’s statement asserted that this accident is a private issue which is under investigation. Therefore it will not effect the city government.
However, the board had earlier mentioned that after the investigation is complete, it will decide what action needs to be taken officially.
The Aldermanic statement even confirmed that Sunset Hills is always ready to welcome varied modes of transportation.