Month: February 2015

Juan Francisco Guillermo Ends His Life On Thai highway

In North-east Thailand, a truck hit a man and killed him. The man was later recognized to be Juan Francisco Guillermo the cyclist who was aiming at making 250000km on cycle in 5 years.

Unfortunately, the Chilean cyclist lost his dream at this accident and his attempt to make the world record could not be completed. The accident happened on Sunday according to the Thailand police.

It was a pickup truck that hit the 47 year old Juan Francisco Guillermo and he was dead immediately. This accident happened on a highway in the province of Nakhon Ratchasima. The social media and the police have accounted to the fact that Juan was hopeful of setting a new Guinness World record for cycling 250,000km all over 5 continents in just 5 years. He had started with his journey in 2010 November and this November, his journey and world record would have completed.