One of the bikes relaunched by Scott last year, the Addict CX10 was built to be a super-light cyclocross racer. The complete bike weighs about 7.73kg in size 54.

The CX10 has been fitted with an all carbon components list. It is a top spec Addict with a matching price tag.

The frameset of the Addict CX has been designed to allow for plenty of clearance at the fore and at the rear. This also includes behind the bottom edges.

At the top tube as well as in front of the head tube, the frame has been designed with flattened sections so as to allow for comfortable carriage.

All cables affixed to the Addict CX10 have been routed internally, with a port for a dropper post made available. In order to reduce the risk of chain drop, a chain guard was attached to the front of the mech hanger.

When used in racing, it is easy to handle and quite spot on for racing. It also possesses a fast, direct feel with its light weight that becomes much more pronounced when used during steeper climbs or shouldering over obstacles.

Acceleration and effective carrying is spot on in this device with assured shifting and stopping provided by the SRAM Force 1 mechanicals.

The carbon wheels the Addict CX10 sports as well as its overall low weight helps it spin up fast and way much easier to manoeuvre around obstacles.

A first look at this bike gives you the feel of something quite fragile. However, this is not so as it’s not as fragile as it appears.

However, with the light weight and high specs, comes a matching price tag of about £5000 which is not very cheap. Thus, you may have to think twice before purchasing one.