Bridge the Gap flourishes to include two-hundred young cyclists

Bridge the Gap that helps young athletes to progress within cycling by offering access to advice, coaching as well as equipment has elaborated to include around two-hundred young cyclist.

The aim of the event is to have one-thousand Canadian youth cyclists from nine to seventeen years old actively engaged and licensed in cycling by the year 2020.

Andrew Pinfold, the director of BTG managing, said that their target is to get kids on bikes, make cycling fun and inspire kids to be great. This would serve to create a sustainable wave of young riders moving up through the competitive cycling ranks and help them find their future champions younger, more consistently and more reliably.

In the year 2015, the BTG started their Youth Club Seeding Program along with Tripleshot Cycling Club, based in Victoria. The club was able to originate some of the best under-17 riders in Canada and see a thirty percent growth in young riders entering their ranks.

Lister Farrar, the Tripleshot head coach, told that the BTG grant served them to secure a committed 2nd coach Therefore, they could have at least 2 and often 3 ability groups at each ride, and so younger as well as older riders could ride in groups that suited those best. He further added that this translated into growth in new riders because they could accommodate them better and into higher performance for their best riders because they are more closely matched with their training partners in experience, pace and goals.