British Cycling Head Doubtful About Wiggins’ Chances In Rio 2016

British Cycling head Shaun Sutton is doubtful about Sir Bradley’s chances in Rio Olympics 2016.

Wiggins is the sole cyclist ever to triumph at Tour France & Olympic in same year. The 2012 hero was earlier assumed to secure a guaranteed spot at GB cycling squad marching to Rio in couple of years but now his position at the event is under serious questions.

Shane has been very frank in admitting that he would be judging the Brit legend’s stance at the upcoming Olympics solely on the basis of statistics & not romance.

“My task here is getting medals & not friends”, remarked the straightforward British Cycling head. “The bar has to be pushed up. Whether Wiggins can raise it or not- that’s the challenge and only he would be able to answer this question.”

“Brad would know that I am sitting here staring at his statistics & contemplating: ‘Right Brad, it’s getting to be some huge ask to make the team for you.’ Look he has got 55 (3 minutes 55 seconds) posted on his name right from Beijing semis. Yeah, we did 53 in finale but we were behind Danes for last 4 laps. We were 51 in 2012 in London. For Rio, we have to be even quicker.”

In spite of his warning, the Brit Cycling boss stressed on the advantages of having a seasoned & successful veteran riding champ such as Sir Bradley in the team.

“Listen, it’s simply great that he (Wiggins) is back”, continued Sutton. “Just his very presence has worked to boost up the whole squad. One great point about him is that when Brad sticks on to something- such as setting up own team, having a perfect fairy-tale ending- it’s real tough to take him away from his set goal.”