Dani King Bounces Back

Dani King is back to the cycling track with full glory, winning at Port Talbot time trial. This is her first win this season and also after her critical lung injury.

Added to the Port Talbot triumph, King has also been engaged lately in a Belgian training camp and is confident to regain her previous glorious status soon.

“I am actually ion a good shape now, physically & it’s great to be here with team”, stated King in one of the recent interviews while asked about her health post the severe injury that punctured her lungs badly.

The braveheart met with a near-fatal accident 4 months back and it seemed too many that it’s over for this talented Olympian. Added to the punctured lung, King suffered multiple broken ribs in the accident where her bike dangerously bumped on a pothole. The Olympian admitted later that she feared that she won’t be able to ride again.

“I was right back on the bike in hospital just 2 days post the crash”, remarked King. “It was because the very area around the collapsed lung demanded some physical exercises to bypass chances of chest infection. However, it took me another ten weeks to get back into training. My ribs do pain at times yet it’s mostly a mental fight for me at present.”

The British riding star was quite determined to get back to training as fast as possible & did that with great support from friends, family & her boyfriend Matt- brother of Sky cyclist Luke Rowe.
“The greatest thing for me was to face the fear”, she continued.

“But in case you do not get out, it would only build-up & you will end up in an even worse situation”, added in the Olympian who is now confident to race down the track.