The newly introduced snabb 29er is a total beauty to behold.

The first ever produced by the polish brand comes with intention to perform. The most defining feature of the 29er is the rowdy and big wheeled nature of its appearance that goes to show the true purpose of the cycle; to impress and intimidate.

The producers of the NS bikes have just recently announced the launch of the snabb plus, which is the first 29er bike made by the polish manufacturer. The bike is best described as “a big wheeled beast that is quick as lightening but also pure fun to ride,” from its exterior and mechanical designs, it is quite apparent that the manufacturers had used the preexisting models as a template for its production.

The snabb plus comes pre installed with 29 inch wheels, but in an effort to further improve the bike’s standing, it is able to accommodate 27.5×3.0 tires as the prefix attached to the name suggests. The NS Company has always been recognized as a brand that produces strong and reliable bikes and all of these bikes have appealed to the aggressive rider, the tough and unyielding nature of the frame provides it with the resilience required to thread even the most difficult terrains.

The high end max bearings that the bike sports greatly reduce the service intervals. If everything else on the bike is to be ignored, the beautiful finish and the iridescent stem that the 29er is supplied with will definitely be the first thing to catch one’s attention.

As from the early part of January 2017, the 29er will be made available in two different builds and are both expected to be in stock in the UK. The new bike has also shown excellent geometry, which is quite typical of most NS bikes and that contributes to its long and sleek appearance. With the new 29er, there is no doubt hat loads of riders can’t wait to get their hands on it.