Board Gives Less Importance To The Cycling Incident of 29th July 2014

The Sunset Hills Aldermanic recently had its meeting on the 12th of August, 2014 and it was absolutely shocking that the president of the Sunset Hills Aldermanic- Scott Haggerty started the meeting by commenting on the cycling incident that took place on the 29th of July, 2014.
Mark Furrer (Sunset Hills Mayor) has been accused of colliding with and running over Randy Murdick (the cyclist who was passing by Old Gravois Road) using his Mercedes. Murdick claims that the mayor kept yelling at him. He has ruptured his Achilles tendon due to the incident and his bike has been severely damaged.
Michelle Funkenbusch (Mark Furrer’s lawyer) organized a protest against the 29th July incident in order to ensure that the people realize that injuring a fellow human being is not acceptable.
The eight members of the Sunset Hills Aldermanic were also present at this protest rally which was trying to demand for safer cycling conditions in the city and also supporting Murdick. Mayor Furrer did not make an appearance in the rally.
Funkenbusch said that the aldermen really want to create a bicycle-friendly environment in Sunset Hills because the aldermen readily listened to their problems and concerns. He is eagerly waiting to work with the Sunset Hills Aldermanic in order to create a friendlier cycling community in the city.
In the meeting (12th of August, 2014), the Aldermanic made it clear that it wants to maintain a distance from the 29th July cycling incident because the board’s statement asserted that this accident is a private issue which is under investigation. Therefore it will not effect the city government.
However, the board had earlier mentioned that after the investigation is complete, it will decide what action needs to be taken officially.
The Aldermanic statement even confirmed that Sunset Hills is always ready to welcome varied modes of transportation.

The Grandest Depart ever moves to London

The grand tour de France this year began in the city of Yorkshire. The tour saw its opening ceremony in the city centre arena of Leeds. In the grandest depart ever saw 10,000 people witness one of the grandest events that this sport has ever witnessed. The director in the opening ceremony said that up to five million people will be witnessing this grand tour. The first two stage of the race saw millions of people gather on the streets of Yorkshire. The race went through the city streets of Yorkshire and country side. The first stages of the Tour proved to be the grandest of the Departs that ever the cycling greats have witnessed. After watching the crowd in the second day the director of tour stated his happiness saying that it was simply unbelievable that this big a crowd came in to witness the sport.

The director of the tour also shared the thoughts of five times tour champion Bernad Hinault. Hinault believed that in his 40 years association with the sport he has never seen such a big crowd. This is clearly a big achievement towards spreading of the sport. After the two successful stages the tour now moves south to the capital of the country. The best part of the stage was experienced during the climbs. But the third and the final stage of the race have no rise point thus it will be a flatter track as compared to the others. This stage is meant for the sprinters and during the travel towards the capital the racers will go through the parts of Essex. While reaching towards the end of the race the riders will go pass the various main points of the city. The race will end up in the same point where the 2012 Olympic cyclers ended.

Yorkshire Festival Honors Tour De France Through A Bicyclism Exhibition

Northern England seems like in the midst of a bicycling craze and has no plans of slowing down at all, at least not for the upcoming few weeks. In order to celebrate this year’s major cycling event Tour de France Grand Depart, Yorkshire has completely gone bicycle crazy. The Tour de France Grand Depart marks the beginning of the yearly 3 week long, multi stage race, starting on 5th of July in Leeds.

The Tour de France Grand Depart dates way back to the year 1903, taking up a whole new route each year, and finally has arrived the UK. In its long history of 11 years, the world’s largest and most famous bicycling race has been to Britain 3 times. That last time the race was hosted in Britain was back in the year 2007, following a route from London all the way to Canterbury, Kent. Paving the way up to the Grand Depart, a series of events are scheduled to take place all across Yorkshire, including a bicycling exhibition that plays a tribute to the rich history of cycling in leads, by means of photographs.

Bicyclism, the exhibition opens on 24th of June at the City Museum of Leeds and is scheduled until the 6th of July and brings together a huge archive of contemporary photographs focused on the cycling theme. All these photographs are the work of Casey Orr, a photographer based out of Leeds, helped by writer and musician Boff Whalley and Jenny Harris, event producer. The entire project was funded by the Yorkshire Festival, Leeds Inspired and the Arts Council England.
Among the showcased work at the Bicyclism are portraits of the cyclists from Leeds, the photographs of their family, local residents and short films on their life.

Dark days ahead for Paul Nam

Paul Nam a hospital worker for United Lincolnshire Hospitals tried to bring a bad name to Sir Bradley Wiggins as he said that he has planned to shave a patient’s hair and use it to emulate the popular sideburns of Sir Bradley Wiggins. According to the reports Paul was boasting about this fact and had already named them as “vandals”.

The worker was so desperate that he even shared a photo where he mentioned “vandals”. As soon as he was convicted with this event he was suspended from his work. The man himself has also resigned from his work and later apologized for what he has done. When asked why he has done such a thing he said that he was ashamed of himself and understands that his pleas will not be granted after this.

He will be in the bad books as the Health and Care Professions Council will not reviewing his case again and has slammed a caution against him. For the next three years this caution will be applicable and the panel of HCPC has also said that his work was not meeting the standards. Being a hospital worker everyone is expected to meet a set of instructions but he was an exception and that is why they have also ceased his right to practice for any hospital.

Paul Nam was seen to post his plans on a social networking site before getting caught and following the post there came a series of tweets where he used pseudonyms. The culprit in his defense said that he was frustrated for a long time as he was not being able to communicate properly with the management regarding his concerns for the trust. He also added that the day he first did such a deed he was ashamed of himself but he thought that was the only way left to get the attention.

Vinokourov Makes His Objectives Clear

The Astana Pro cycling team is ready for the season of 2014. They have officially presented their riders who will be representing them this season. There are two new faces for Astana Pro this season namely Michele Scarponi from Italy and the other one is Lieuwe Westra from Netherlands. Both of the news faces were present for the presentation which was done in Brescia, Italy.

With this addition to the team Astana Pro hopes that this season will be a successful one for them. Alexander Vnokourov, the general manager of the team has made his objectives very clear to all the team members. In the press conference that followed after the presentation he said that he was really happy with his team after the Giro d Italia victory in 2013 and was also pleased about the performances in Vuelta and the victories and good finishes by Vincenzo Nibali.

Alexander has been the general manager of this team for just one year. He started towards the beginning of 2013 and in his first year with these victories he said he was quite satisfied with that but now the whole team should be aiming higher. This year the team to beat would definitely be Team Sky and they would be hoping to win the title for Tour de France.

Tour de France is one of the most prestigious titles in the field of cycling and every team wants to win that title. It requires lot of hard work and patience for a team to win and under a new general manager the Astana Pro will be looking to make it their season by winning this title. However the manager has also said that focusing on the other titles is also very important for the team so that they can work harder each day.

Sir Wiggins Felt Disregarded

Sir Bradley Wiggins expressed deep insult over Chris Froome’s present leadership status in Team Sky. He has spoken about getting “sick & tired” over Sky leadership row with the reigning Tour France champion.

Wiggins was Froome’s predecessor in Tour France victory for the year 2012. He admitted if a disappointing 2013 season & felt that has suffered enough humiliation when Froome was selected to spearhead Sky for the hundredth edition of the most esteemed race in cycling. It was Sir Bradley’s illness & injury that compelled him to quit from Giro in May which further ruled him to refrain himself from defending his Tour France title this year.

Wiggins’ withdrawal from Tour France marked a dark patch for the leading Brit rider this year- ironically, it’s a sharp contrast to the very successful season he had last year. The 2012 Tour France champion feels that it’s the row with Chris that has further left a negative kick on his life.

“I just did not enjoy it at all”, stated Wiggins while speaking about his poor 2013 season. “There were different issues inside the team and I was completely getting sick & tired of the whole leadership affair with Froome. Frankly speaking, I had had enough & then when Chris was selected as the head for the France Tour, I was like : right, now somebody else would be leading the team. So, might be I felt undermined & it was like, okay now they are somebody else.”

However, post his health recovery, the 2012 Tour France winner showed up with a comparatively successful return. The leading Brit rider achieved a good victory at Tour Britain & also claimed the 2nd position at World UCI Championships this September.

His recent feats post recovery has already started speculations on whether Wiggins would be riding with Froome in the coming Tour France but the previous Sky leader has declined to make any clear statement on that.

Wiggins Joins helmet Campaign

Bradley Wiggins, a name and face of UCI ProTeam Team Sky. This British rider has gained the level of elite class in the field of cycling by performing remarkable in the two professional forms of cycling. He started practicing with track cycling and now he is the winner of six gold medals. Recently we have seen him backing a father who was making request to the people for wearing helmets while riding. This ignorance has caused a serious injury to his son and he didn’t want to see this mistake being repeated by anyone else. In this accident his son is in coma.

This father started a campaign regarding the awareness of wearing helmets which has marked the presence and support from cycling star Bradley Wiggins. Some other sports star that have joined the campaign are Mark Cavendish and Richard Whitehead. Many families have been touched by this campaign and they are now serious about making it a routine habit to wear helmet while riding. When cyclers like Bradley Wiggins join such a campaign it means a lot for the people. Those children who are dreaming about being riders will get inspire to wear helmet after knowing that their role models are doing the same to protect themselves.

It is a positive sign that sports star taking it as their social responsibility to promote such campaigns. This father who is running this campaign has only wish that any other parent can be avoided from falling in the same situation as he is, because it’s painful. This campaign has been publicized on various newspapers and TV channels. This father is still fighting with the condition of his son being in coma but he is fulfilling a notable social responsibility by running this campaign even when his child is not well yet.

Wiggins Wins The Final Stage

It seems that Sir Bradley Wiggins (Team Sky) has regained his form and reputation by winning the time trial (37km) in the final stage of the Tour of Poland with a record time of forty-six minutes and thirty-six seconds. He defeated Fabian Cancellara (Team RadiaShack-Leopard) who has been the time trial world champion four times, by around fifty-six seconds. This has made his victory in this time trial even more special and memorable.

The 70th Tour of Poland was Wiggins’s first competitive race in 2013 since he had to withdraw half way through the Grand Tour of Giro d’Italia this year in May. Wiggins also had to give up his Tour de France winning title to Chris Froome (Team Sky) because he had suffered from a knee wound. However, in the final stage of the Tour of Poland Wiggins displayed his talent and proved that he is the same rider who had won the Olympic time trial and Tour de France in 2012. The time trial win at Tour of Poland has marked his first victory in the 2013 cycling season.

The sports director of Team Sky, Dan Hunt told Unibet that Wiggins’s performance in the Tour of Poland’s final stage was fantastic and he completely smashed it. Bradley Wiggins is going to participate in the Eneco Tour (Holland) from 12th August to18th August 2013 and Tour of Britain from 15th September to 22nd September 2013. The time trial that is going to be held on the 25th of September at the Road World Championship (Florence, Italy) is the race that Wiggins is focusing on mainly.

Bradley Wiggins performed at the Tour of Poland to support his team-mate Sergio Henao, who stood fifth after the seven-stage race came to an end. Pieter Weening (Team Orica-GreenEDGE) won the Tour whereas Wiggins stood 48th in the overall standing at the tour.

1. Book shop brings Armstrong ‘to the floor’

A bicycle shop is bringing Lance Armstrong “to the ground” literally with the help of varnish, glue and paper torn out of hundreds of Lance Armstrong’s books.

In the month of January, in an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Lance Armstrong confessed to using drugs to enhance his performance during his cycling career. Post Armstrong’s confession the cycling world was turned upside down and the seven time Tour de France champion was stripped of all the titles. Fans were shocked, outraged and hurt and Lance Armstrong’s autobiographical books were being used by the fans to manifest their anger. Thousands of fans across the globe demanded their money back.

Andrew Straw is the manager of a charity book shop in Newcastle and after witnessing a sudden influx of Lance Armstrong’s books, an idea struck him. He appealed on Twitter and Facebook and asked people to bring in unwanted copies of the books to his shop. According to Straw, only within a few days, his shop was flooded by books of Lance Armstrong. In fact, people actually spent money to send the books to Straw’s shop as they did not want it anymore.

Once the books came in, Straw ripped out pages of the books and glued them to the floor of his shop, making a point that while Armstrong once had the ‘world at his feet’ was now ‘at the feet with world at the top of him’.

Straw plans to very soon glue the other pages on the floor as well and visitors who come to his shop can write their comments on the pages.

Speaking to the media, the Newcastle book shop manager said, “Some people still support him for all the good things that he has done for cancer charities but some hate him for cheating the world for so long”.

Cavendish Triumphs on Giro’s Opening Stage

The British cycling zone must be in an amazing mood lately. Mark Cavendish, one of the most eminent Briton sprinters from Omega Pharma team has won over the opening stage of Giro d’Italia on last Saturday.

The principle pack was divided into 2 groups & riders rode down a little over a mile to ride in 81-mile leg & only a few cyclists were in front contesting the sprint. Mark won in two hours, fifty eight minutes & thirty eight seconds at the inaugural stage which had a crash a little prior to the finish. Seemingly partially blocked off behind a little group powered by Orica GreenEdge (Australian squad) after some of the sprinters sheered clear due to late crash, Mark resolved the affair with his brilliant late acceleration that led him to be the first one to reach up to the finishing line.

He has emerged victorious in a combined thirty seven stages T Giro, Vuelta and Tour de France- 3 of the grandest cycling tours. The recent win at Giro marks eleventh Giro-stage victory for the leading Briton sprinter and comes 98th among his overall wins. The recent win achieved him Giro’s overall leader’s Magila Rosa pink jersey. He grinned while receiving the first pink Giro jersey for the year before a huge crowd on seafront with the magnificent Mt. Vesuvius creating a panoramic backdrop.
While approached on the Giro opening win, the British cyclist remarked-“I really wished to have a win in Napoli and now I would go out for pizza”.

Elia Viviani (Italian) from Cannondale team came second in the Giro opening stage this year. The Italian rider was seen pounding the handlebars continuously in frustration when Mark claimed his eleventh stage victory in Giro. The prestigious 3 week long Italian race will run till May 26th.