Review of KTM 990 DUKE R

The KTM 990 Duke R is a well reputed bike across the globe. The advent of the V2 class has been splendidly shown off in its design. The 990 cc or the liter class does indeed pack a punch and the price tag on one of these babies ensures scanty presence on the streets. If you are looking for that shock and awe effect you need not look further.

The badge has been retagged to Duke ‘R’ because of its powder coated tubular space frame made form chrome molybdenum steel and a bolted-on sub frame which provides a steeper head angle to steering. The braking system to this beast is also state of the art with a radically placed four piston system comprised of Brembo calipers on the disc of the front wheel. The suspension is no other than the WP shock absorbers and dampers which is renowned for being top notch in suspension fittings.

The heart of the machine, the engine is a work of art with a V twin 75 degree angled cylinders. Each of them also has flow optimized ducts tuned to perfection and over head camshafts which are two in number. A strong throttle response and unusually good maneuverability is what this bike packs in the class of V2 bikes. The engine is water cooled and the fuel injection is governed by the electronic Keihin engine management system. The LC8 V twin motor has been tuned to 123bhp for a more favorable torque output and the balancer shafts are precisely done for multipurpose usage. The TiAIN coating and the upside down telescopic fork just adds on to the style of the bike making it a class apart.

The bike has a tremendous fan following and this is very well justified as no other bike of the liter class comes into competition in its price range.