The new law gives Cyclists 3 Foot Of Safety

From this Tuesday the law of California has ruled that the drivers will have to give enough space to the cyclist that is about 36”. The officials of law enforcement in Sacramento are hoping that they will not have to issue tickets like before now that the law has passed. The local patrol of California highway and the police of Sacramento have commented that they will see one case at a time if the driver is seen not providing enough space to a cyclist.

The spokesperson of CHP in north Sacramento said that if they notice a deriver not abiding the laws even though he could have given the cyclist a space of about 3 feet, he is definitely going to get a ticket. He is hopeful that all the drivers will co-operate with them and the law so that they do not have to take any steps. The minimum fine for not abiding this new law is $35 but the cost of court and other additional fees make that fine go up to $238. If the cyclist is injured in the process the fine can go as high as $982.

Although this process will make the driving safety more important, we cannot expect it to be the same for all as some drivers give space to the cyclists already out of respect but some others are there who don’t. The critics are complaining that the new law will is going to place the drivers at a bad position because it is not always possible for them to decide whether there is enough space to provide the 3 foot gap to the cyclists. To this, the CHP said that the officers on patrol will excuse the drivers who are seen driving safely and with courtesy during the hours when the traffic is tight.