Thor Hushovd Releases Shocking News

Thor Hushovd has been a star of Norway. He has recently retired from the world championships. He has been accused and criticized for keeping a secret about his former rival and mate Lance Armstrong. It has come out that Thor had known about Lance Armstrong being involved with doping. It has been highlighted that the Lance had admitted to Thor about his doping after the latter himself had been open about it. It was back in 2011 after Thor had talked about his own doping history publicly at a talk show to Oprah Winfrey.
Since the news has come out that Thor was aware about the doping of the fellow mate lance many have been very disappointed with him. The head of the anti-doping organization of Norway has also told that he should have come to them and tried to contact them. He also revealed his disappointment with Thor. Thor has written an autobiography recently where he leaked out the news that had been a secret all this while. He has described in the book how back in 2011 when Lance and he had met and talked about it. He has written about their conversation where Lance has told Thor that everyone doped and there was no reason for him to be shocked. However, he admits to have not told anything at that point of time even though he himself did not do it and thought of it to be wrong. He has also revealed in his book about the reaction he received from Lance after he went public about Lance’s doping on the TV show.
He said that he received furious text messages from Lance saying how stupid he was to think that he was the only one doping and cheating. There are rumors that Thor might have had some personal reasons for having kept the doping a secret for this long and for not having talked about it. However it is good news now that he has finally accepted and revealed things that he had known all this while.